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18 years ago

Synchronizing Folder hierarchy and permissions.

hello all,
EV7 SP1 does not synchronize the folder hierarchy of Outlook to my archive.
We installed EV7 SP1 from scratch.
I moved some shortcuts in Outlook to another folder in my folder hierarchy. The moves have not been synchronized to my archive.
How can I debug this? No suspicious events.
EV help says:
+ Folder hierarchy and permissions. This synchronizes mailbox folders with archive folders. These are automatically synchronized on each run of the Exchange Mailbox Task.

This setting is unavailable unless you are using structured archives. Structured archives were introduced in Enterprise Vault 4.1:

    + If your original Enterprise Vault installation was Enterprise Vault 4.1 or later, you have structured archives.


     + If you have upgraded from a version of Enterprise Vault earlier than 4.1, this setting is not available until you have selected Create structured archives when enabling mailboxes on the Archiving Defaults tab of the Site Properties dialog box.

Click Synchronize to start the update. If you are updating a single mailbox's details, you are presented with a list of mailboxes from which to select one.

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    • albert Asllani wrote:
      thanks you very much.
      What a bummer.... I hope this feature will come in future :)

      Agreed, but I'm sure it would increase the server overhead exponentially. At the least I'd like to see this.

      A user starts with this folder layout;

      .\Folder 1
      .\Folder 2

      Items get archived from Folder 1, so Folder 1 shows up in Archive Explorer

      User then renames Folder 1 to Folder 3 and more items get archived.

      EV recognizes Folder 1 was renamed (by some GUID or whatever), then renames its own Folder 1 to Folder 3 and newly archived items are stored in there.
    • That is working as designed - I take it you are looking at your archive via Archive Explorer.  Moving shortcuts will not update the archive.  The items in the archive will show in the original folder that they were archived in.
      The synchronise option is for synchronising permissions only - from Exchange to the archive.
    • Hi Albert,
      We are running Ev 7 sp1 and I have been able to do it, although it is a manual process.
      In the Synchronization tab of your mailbox archiving task, tick the "Folder hierarchy and permissions" checkbox and then select "Synchronize" to run it now. This setting does not stay selected - well not for me anyway - so we will probably start doing it once a week.