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13 years ago

The Archiving/Journal Task will pause to let it recover. [0xc0040b31] |

Hi Everyone,   I have a problem I cannot make my EV server to decrease the number of the queue's I have taken dtrace of archive Task I saw something like The Archiving/Journal Task will pause to ...
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    13 years ago


    When you manual archive the item, what was the throttle status? You are archiving some items rights?

    I was referring to EV DBs fragmentation in SQL.  Change of the VSA password got nothing to do with this, but your symptom sounded like a performance issue.

    Run "DBCC SHOWCONTIG" on EV DBs in SQL. If EV DBs are fragmented then run SQL maintenance job. Otherwise, post the dtrace of ArchiveTask and StorageArchive or might want to open case with support.