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16 years ago

Unable to convert item content

at this day i created mailbox archiving task, its archived one mailbox correctly for other mailboxes its archived mails content but the attached files dont view in the archived mails from outlook.i tried to access the same mails from the web access the attached filed appear and i was able to view them.


after i checked the event viewer this is the content may it is related to my issue as follow:


Unable to convert item content

Reason: Unspecified error  [0x80004005]
Supplementary Info: access violation (961) [OHD]

Subject: ?
Attachment: 6551 cab silver
Type: ai

This item will be archived without a preview being available to the web application and the  content will not be indexed. It is not possible to search on the content but the item can be restored  as normal

For more information, see Help and Support Center at



Note: the mailbox which archived and i was able to view the attached mailbox is domain admin and have afull access for the exchange server and the EV server.


*** for these mailbox archived the shortcuts of ... ( store, search, restore and EV explore) dont appear in the client outlook and for that i access the Web access through IE by copying the path of the search.asp page in the EV server.. can you help me in this issue too.



Best Regards....


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  • Content Conversion is a separate issue from accessing items from Outlook. Do you mean that when you double click on the archive mail from Outlook and then you try to open the attachment, it does not open?
  • May be i knew the reason.


    for the clients pc who the attachment dont open i didnt install the Add-In outlook.

    is this the reason? if this is the reason, now after i archived the mails if i install the Add-In does this solve the problem???


    best regards..

  • Hi there


    Yes, this is the reason.

    You need to have the Add-in to open up archived messages.

    After installing the add-in, you should be able to open the message.


    And just as a not: big red text almost always makes people skip a message.

    It's usually not good behaviour to do in forums ;)