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  • Are you unable to search from Outlook? If so, make sure Windows Search is indexing the Vault Cache and Virtual Vault files.

    Take a look at this technote:

    Vault Cache and Virtual Vault – Windows Search/Outlook Instant search integration

    Windows Search (WS):

    Windows Search can be configured to index the Vault Cache including both the Content & Header Cache (MDC) to provide a single search solution for finding a users data across the local file system, Outlook cache (OST) and EV archive.

    As Windows Search is searching in both the Content Header Cache (MDC), Windows Search will be able locate data within both archived email content and attachment content.

    Outlook Instant Search (OIS):

    Outlook Instance Search (OIS) is a subset of Windows Search and provides results within exclusively the Outlook Application and attached Personal Folders.  

    OIS will only return results from the Outlook cache and EV Header Cache (MDC).  Full EV Content Cache results are only available in Windows Search.

    You also might want to take a look at this one as well:

    Windows Instant Search does not find items within Virtual Vault.

  • Hello,

    The search result for MS Exchange is fine but for VV it fails.

    I've taken the note of the above given Tech Note I'll check the same and revert.

    @ A_J I do not get any errors it simply cannot find any emails from VV.



    Gurmeet Singh Kohli