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12 years ago

Upgrade from v8.0.3 to v10

Good morning, We're currently planning an upgrade from v8.0.3 to v10. I'm looking for information about what, if any, changes are made to the DB when completing the upgrade.  Also, what changes, ...
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    12 years ago

    the few things you need to worry about when working with the upgrade is that if you have Mirroring enabled, you will need to disable it first, since EV puts the database in to single user mode before performing the upgrade, if it cannot do that, then the upgrade will fail to perform.

    Also having said that, make sure you close your SQL Management Studio and pause any maintenance tasks as those will stoip the db from being put in to single user mode as well.

    If you do upgrades of DA as well, then you should plan for the temp db to grow large and the customer database transaction logs to grow large as well (last suggestion i heard was to plan for 250% space of the customer databases)

    Other than that, you will see some updates to stored procedures and views, a couple of new tables added for exchange 2010 support and index server groups and what not, but nothing out of the ordinary, and no new databases should be created so SQL Should not be a huge concern