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5 years ago

Upgrade indexes from 32 bit to 64 bit failed in EV 12.4.1

Hello, We are starting the process of upgrading indexes from 32 bit to 64 bit EV version 12.4.1. During upgrade on some indexes we received the following error: "Some of indexes failed to upgrade ...
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    5 years ago


    you might be able to finish upgrading the volumes by modifying the site setting "Maximum consecutive failed items" (Advanced Tab - List settings from: Indexing) from 25 to a higher value. Try some values, if it is still failing raise it once again. The maximum value is 65535. 

    A EVSVR verify operation (E.g. Verify - ArchiveObjects - ObjectContainerExists) with a suitable time frame might also give you a generel idea of how many items are gone. 

    There are also ways of clearing the lost items from the database but should be done together with the technical support.