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13 years ago

Upgrading from EV 7.5 to 9 - question re path and compatability

I have 7.5 and want to do an in-place upgrade to 8, then to 9, then move 9 to a 64bit platform.  I know that I have to sequentially upgrade but i have a few specific questions. 

a) is this upgrade approach correct and reasonable (understanding that there are pot intall tasks that must be done with each)

b) do i need to upgrade all the prerequisites for 8 before upgrading to 9, then upgrade prereqs again for 9 before moving to 9?

c)  are there "data migration" steps i must follow as i move up in EV versions, or just at the end when i reach 9 on 64bit?

Thanks in advance for your time and expertise!

  • I did a very high level overview of the upgrade process here

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  • yeah going from 2007 -> 8 SP5 -> 9 SP2 is good and then migrate across to the newer hardware
    just make sure you go to Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 in order to be able to go to EV10, and then you could use the settings migration wizard to go to the new hardware

  • Check the pre-reqs for 9 and upgrade to those, then do your EV upgrades.  No data migration required until you go to V10.

  • Well there will probably be data migration when you move to the new server, but usually all that means is remapping Luns and mounting shares etc
  • As JesusWept2 stated:

    Make sure you perform all prerequisite tasks on EV 7.5 (2007), use either the Symantec provided on on the media or the Excel one located in the link:

    Perform the post upgrade checklist and ensure that everything is upgraded correctly.

    Perform a similar process from 8 > 9 using the same checklist and just make sure you have backups of your SQL and you check via deployment scanner first to ensure you have all the Microsoft Prerequisites installed first (good idea to install the EV 9 deployment scanner first).

    EV 10 would require more consideration once you have the environment upgraded to EV 9 which could be processed in a different discussion if required.

  • I did a very high level overview of the upgrade process here