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18 years ago

Upgrading from v5. SP3 to v5. SP6


Following on from a previous thread, we are looking to upgrade to SP6. We have been running SP3 for years and now falling way behind in support.

Is there any pitfalls, or upgrade issues I need to be aware prior to upgrading.

Is it complicated, or just a straightforward process?

Many thanks


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  • Should be straight forward. Just run the setup and all should be OK. Be aware that if you are using OWA you will need to reinstall the extensions and if you do FSA archiving you will need to reinstall the placeholder service as well
  • Matthew, pretty straightforward, however...

    Make certain you have solid backups of the following items:

    ALL EV sql databases

    With those three items, if the worst-case happens you can easily do a complete rebuild. For added measure you can add backups of MSMQ and Shopping Cart locations.
  • Matt,
    And if you can...skip sp6 all together and get yourself on to 6.0sp3. The bug fixes alone are worth the trouble of the upgrade. Yeah, I know...lotsa trouble to do it, but with 7.0 on the horizon, 5.0's supportability has got to be looking a lil bleak.