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17 years ago

Upgrading to 7.0 and need some help.

Hello all,

I'm in the middle of an upgrade to 7.0SP2 and I'm stuck at Enterprise Vault Configuration.  I get to the part where I enter the SQL server and nothing happens.  I click Next and very quickly it says "Contacting SQL server ..." then it goes back to "Click Next to Continue" and just sits there. 

The SQL server is not local and I have access/rights to create databases on that system.  There are no errors in the Event logs or in the Install logs.

Anyone have some advice?


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  • MMM what seem strange is that you're in an upgrade and not in full install.
    It look like permission problem on your SQL.
    The EV account must have also right on the drive where are stored the DB, best is to put it Local Admin of your SQL.
    In that screen in theory when you put the name of the EV server, it check for a system share (like E$) storing the MSSQL database and Logs
  • HI Phill
    What version are you upgrading from?
    Have you checked the connection between SQL and the EV?