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5 years ago

Urgent help needed on "do not archive"


I hope you can help me with this  GDPR Problem

I have a user , he has in his mailbox ( Exchange 2016) a folder wit the EV permissions set via EVPM to do not archive ( controlled with a outlook add-in).Even though the Ev folder properties tell me the folder is set to do not archive , some items are archived.

I really can't understand why the items are archived and how I can prevent it.

WE are using EV12.4 (

Thanks for any help

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  • do you permit manual archives? This would only impact archiving runs and the user would still be able to manually archive.
  • The DoNotArchive filter from EVPM only controls the behavior of the Task. Items can still be archived in that folder via the Store in Vault button in the Add-in, via PST import, via API, via Virtual Vault, etc.

    If you think the Task is the one doing this erroneous archiving, then a dtrace of ArchiveTask while it's processing this user's mailbox should show you the consideration of each item's eligibility and whether it will be archived or not. Search the log for "iseligible" and the subject of the offending message.

    Hope this helps!


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      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your answer. I can with certainty say that this is not due to any other reason than the archive task because all the other possibilities are not available on our domain. The only access the users have to their archive is via the web search page.

      I'll will run an archive in report mode and dtrace to see and if I still don't see anything helping I'll open a case as soon as I receive the user permission's ( NDA).

      Thank you