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8 years ago

Using 2 EV server on 1 Outlook

Hi All,

Without migrating the EV, is it possible to restore old email from old EV server.

I sitll can restore from the Web URL, but user want to restore from the Outlook client, is it possible to setup ?




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  • Kenneth, 

    I'm assuming the users have been migrated to a new EV server and the archive is managed by the new server? If that's the case, then they cannot restore from Outlook since all the archived mail now resides within the new archive managed by the new server.  

    Unless the users still have shortcuts that point to the old server/archive, then they would be able to restore them as long as the old server is accessible. 

    However, if the old server is still online, they should be able to access the old archive using Search or Archive Explorer to restore.  

    Hope that helps.