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15 years ago

Vauled message redisposited to the inbox

Greetings All,

User repors that messages are moved by the user from the inbox to a user created folder.  The archiveing tasks runs nightly and vaults the messages.  The safe ICON/ stubbed messages remain in the folder until sometime over the weekend when those same messages are redisposited into the inbox still stubbed and with the "safe" ICON.  Nice.  Hmmm.  Thoughts?  

Regards. -ceil

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  • Sorry about the typo.  Strange doings though.  -ceil
  • Is this happening for all users, or a few?
    They are seeing the items in the regular mailbox inbox, as well as the Archive Explorer mailbox?
    Anything special about those mails?  Are they from a PST file, or regular mails received during the week?
    What version of EV is this on the server?