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15 years ago

Vault Admin Service fails "access denied" even though password is correct.

After a reboot, our EV Admin service will not start up giving me an "access denied, the password is not correct." message. This starte happening last fall after it had worked for 2.5 years. We have never changed the user running the service and never changed the password until last month (to an easier one just so we don't fat finger it every time we reboot) . We changed the service account to reflect the change and it works great, but it never starts at startup. The work around it is to go into services and change the password of the Admin service to the same exact password it was before then start the Admin service along with all the rest. I do not have to change the password on all the others that are starting with the same user, just the Admin service gets mucked up. I have searched and searched and cannot find a thing on this and even a top level Symantec tech witnessed it and could not figure out way.

Any ideas?

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  • More info, exact error:

    Could not start the Enterprise Vault Admin Service service on Local Computer.
    Error 1069: The service did not start due to login failure.

    I go into that service, reset the password to the original password, and everything is fine until the next reboot.

    It is only the Vault Admin service, all others use the same exact password from before. Very strange.

  • Could you tell us what version of EV and Windows servers you are on?

    Also, have you tried to perform an update of the VSA account details?

    Open the Vault Admin Console.

       a. Right-click "Directory on <servername> => Properties
       b. Select the "Service Account" Tab
       c. Reset the Password and select Apply to update the configuration.
  • Tony, did that unfortunately. Dozens of times, no difference.

    EV8.0, now on SP4, but has happened on SP1, 2 and 3 as well.

    Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition, SP2