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12 years ago

Vault Cache Synchronization issue


Hi all,

I have issue to synch Vault Cache.

It seems that the client is trying to synch from a "curious date" :

CONTENT:DWNL:WEB: Acquiring INITIAL slot with page 'GetSlotWithServer.aspx' for DBID '1' from '0000-00-00' to '0000-00-00'


We are runing EV 10.0.2 server and 10.0.3 add-in for outlook client.


Any idea ?


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  • Obvious question, does this user have anything in their archive?

    Is it an isolated issue?

  • Yes, their archives contains items.

    The issue appear only for sofor some users.

    I notice that the IdDateTime is 1970-01-01 for certain savesets. but the query listed in the following technote does not report anything ...

  • Do you still have this issue? If yes, can you upload the client trace logs here

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