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14 years ago

Virtual Vault Fails to Synchronize If Archives Have Large Number of Folders


We use EV 8.0 SP3 with Outlook 2003.

We have several users with this issue : the virtual Vault fails to synchronize because they have more than 5000 folders in their archive.

This bug is well known from Symantec (see article TECH145407).

Symantec give several workarounds but i don't understand what they mean :

"Utilize Vault cache with offline Archive Explorer"

=> I don't understand : i thought that Virtual Vault was the way to use offline archive explorer ?

"Allow users to manually archive items"

=> How can we do this ?

"If not currently replacing archived items with shortcuts, users can be re-provisioned and assigned to an Exchange Mailbox Policy to create shortcuts"

=> Items are replaced with shotcuts but i does not solve the problem.

Does someone has this issue ? How do you solve it ?


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  • The underlying issue is that PST files can become corrupt if they contain more than 5000 folders, and, contain search folders.  Virtual Vault may encounter this problem if an archive contains many many folders (as it uses two search folders).

    Do your users have more than 5000 folders in their archive?  

    It could be that you're seeing the same/similar logs on the client, but for a diferent cause - this one is very specific.

    Try using "regular" Archive Explorer, and see what happens.    That won't work if users are off the network though.  You can go to Offline Archive Explorer by changing the option in the Desktop Policy -> Advanced -> Vault Cache, first option.