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13 years ago

VNX for file

Hi, We are looking to implement VNX VG2 gateways to leverage a file storage solution for our EV environment, which is currently hosted on CX4-960s as block storage.  The gateways will sit in betwee...
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    13 years ago

    If something hasn't been certified and published, it means we haven't tested against it. This doesn't mean that it will or won't work but you could be in a unsupported configuration if you called in.

    I'm trying to find where it states in the support policies, but I can't access them all. Take a look at your own and it will state it in there. The only issue is, if unsupported and has a problem, and the TSE takes a look and gets stuck they won't be able to advance it. It's normally prudent to use certified items.