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14 years ago

What is the minimum EV Client Version required for EVault 9.0 Proxy Server?

Hello, My question is a repeat of the title. I'm trying to determine the minimum EVault Client version to be added as an addin to Outlook (2003, 2007, 2010) to be able to connect to / through Ent...
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    14 years ago

    Technically there is no such thing as an Enterprise Vault Proxy Server, there is the /EnterpriseVaultProxy/ virtual directory that sits on the OWA Front end servers, but was replaced with having the /EnterpriseVault virtual directory on the EV server being published directly to the web.

    The EnterpriseVaultProxy just featured a custom 404 page that redirected client requests back to the original EV Server....

    So you would go to something like

    This would generate a 404 page not found error (because search.asp does not exist in the proxy directory) and would actually send the request back to the EV server

    So would forward to

    So on the Enterprise Vault policy side of things, you would configure your RPC over HTTP URL in the desktop policy to point at either so that it would do its commands there (such as download.asp etc)....

    Or the preference for just publishing the /EnterpriseVault/ website off of the EV server, means you would configure it to go straight to and ISA would redirect all the requests to the back end.

    Now as for your issue with EV 8 SP1 failing to synchronize but EV8 SP3 works fine, then I would just try going with the latest client, especially if you want to use Virtual Vault which does not exist in the EV8 SP1 client and pkus theres been hundreds of fixes (even with EV9 SP2 out there are still fixes coming down the pipe line)

    Also note that even if you have Outlook Anywhere enabled and you have set the proxy up properly and your policy is also configured correctlly, if Enterprise Vault client determines that it has a direct path to the EV server (i.e. its connected to a VPN or its conected to the local network) then EV will just connect directly and bypass the RPC over HTTP url altogether