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8 years ago

Where to set archive symbol for archived mails in OWA 2013?

Hey guys, we have an Exchange 2013 and EV 11.0.1 running and everything is working fine on OWA 2013 and Outlook 2010. But on OWA 2013 I am missing the nice archive symbol which I can see on Outlook...
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    8 years ago

    This is working as designed. EV's integration with OWA 2013 using the Office Mail App approach does not modify the icons on the shortcut items (the way that it did in the legacy OWA versions' CAS Extensions approach).


    See page 22 of the EV_Guide_for_Outlook_full.pdf, available here, which explains the appearance of the EV Office Mail App to users. Archived messages can be identified by expanding the blue Enterprise Vault mail app banner.