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10 years ago

Windows 2012 Storage Spaces clustering and EV


Does anyone know or has anyone tried the new Windows 2012 Storage Spaces (disk clustering) with Enterprise Vault non-clustered implementation.  My client wants to set up 2 EV servers active aqcgtive, hence EV in clustered mode is out and will be using USL.  However they want to use the Storage Spaces solution to replicate disks between the 2 servers so the data is already present before doing the USL.

Any ideas if this is supported or would even work?


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  • by looking at the compatibility guide as far as i can tell it isnt supported. would it work? that's a different question and would be something worth testing in your lab for sure.

  • So would each EV server be actively archiving?  Can you give a bit more detail of the proposed configuration?

  • Yes.  They would both be actively archiving as standalone EV servers, each with its own index and vault store partition locations (using different letters for each server so they don't get mixed), however the windows disk clustering would do the replication for each active disk to its equicalent passive disk on the other node.

    For example:

    EV1 with active disk M being replicated to passive disk M on EV2

    EV2 with active disk N being replicated to passive disk N on EV1

    To enable the disk clustering (called Storage Spaces in win 2012), you need to cluster EV1 and EV2 hardware with a disk clustering role.  That's all the client wants to do.  They are not interested in clustering the EV app itself.

    The compatibility guide is clear on active/active not being supported.  What's unclear is, we won't actually cluster EV.  Clustering is being done only for disk replication purposes.

    The question is, would we be able to install EV on both nodes as standalones?  Haven't tested it yet.