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15 years ago

Browser Freezing with Symantec Connect and SARC website

Whenever visiting Symantec Connect and SARC website the most fastest browser on the planet (Maxthon) freezes too. I have taken the memory consumption during nascent page load as a screenshot for this website:

139 mega bytes immediately is really too high. Can some one in Symantec pay attention and redress this malady please?

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  • Maxthon is not a widely used browser and may not be supported. I use the latest Firefox with no issues.
    Try using another browser.

  • Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the pointer and guidance. There are benchmark reports that Maxthon outperforms Firefox too. Maxthon sits atop IE and enhances the browsing experience. Furthermore they have an advanced capability of knocking out bad popup advertisements and more. Hence I try to use that.