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12 years ago

Can a Single Desktop have 2 VIP Credentials downloaded to it ?

With refernec to 2 factor Authentication:

We have a User who works for an external client who also has the Symantec VIP credential on his desktop. Now when we are rolling him for our network we also want him to have another unique Symantec VIP Credential. Is that really possible where a individual has 2 Unique credentials (tokens) downloaded on his computer. Is there a specific Configruation file that needs to be changed for Windows to not recognize the first installation and allow for the Second installation to go on. Any suggestions welcome.

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  • It is not possible to have two separate VIP credentials in VIP Access Desktop for the same Windows user or have separate installations. But more importantly, this isn't needed -- the same VIP credential can be used for both the external client and your internal network. VIP credentials are shared but managed independently in the backend, so usage by two separate services will not interfere with each other or impact the additional security provided by VIP.