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15 years ago

Downloading older definitions

We have Internet Security 2009, and a dial-up -- that's right dial-up! -- Internet connection. The definitions are too overwhelming for our connect to download.  The support gave us the link to download the latest updates to a faster compter, then copy to CD and install, but obviously, I would like the older updates with their definitions.  Is there a similar way to access older updates.  I found a list of them all,, but not access to them. Is that what Intelligent Updater is for? I tried to find a way to download that, but fail.

Help. Remember, I'm a newby at this, which should make this all the morre interesting.


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  • I don't think that is possible. You might try posting in the Norton community, as this forum is for the Enterprise Product support. Intelligent updates are for Symantec Endpoint Protection / Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition.

  • Try to contact Norton Departmetn at 1-800-695-0678 maybe they can better assist you with your issue.