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15 years ago

Help: Novav 2.49 had deleted user files

     I've ran into a situation that Nonav 2.49 removed user files when I am trying to remove Symantec Corp 10.  Any of you all run into that problem.

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  • Nonav is an old tool. You should be using Cleanwipe for SAV removal. 11.0.6 is the latest version available from Symantec support.
  • Thank Cycletech, but do you know if I can recover the files for user?

  • Are you sure the files were deleted when running the tool? Did Symantec support supply this tool to you? The tool is designed to remove only Symantec files.
    You might want to open a case with support.
  • Yes, the files were delelted and some of the folders were deleted too.
  • I download from one of the member in here.  It said version from Symantec.
  • Cycletech - How can I download the latest version of clean wipe?

  • The only way is to contact Symantec Support to get the tool.