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15 years ago

Partition FAT32 is converted to FAT16

I have 4 parttions
Partition  Status   Type     Volume Label   Mbytes   System   Usage
 C:  1        A    PRIMARY                   199.0     NTFS/HPFS   1%
 D:  2             PRIMARY                140565.0  NTFS/HPFS  92%
 E:  3             PRIMARY                 11759.0    NTFS/HPFS   8%
 F:  4             PRIMARY                   102.8       FAT32       1%

When restoring the image the last one 102.8 FAT32 is converted to FAT 16 and size is 98.0

any ideas?
thanks a lot

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  • What Symantec product are you using here? I can put you in the correct product forum as soon as I have this info.