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16 years ago

Phishing report

I'm getting reports from customers that indicate that symantec Norton is reporting our web site as a known fraudulent page, what is the procedure to obtain the information by which this report is being generated in order to start the process to remove our web site from this list.


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  • Report back to symantec on this. They may check on your site multiple times to ascertain and confirm that website is not fraudulent and stuff
  •  Its not about faith. Its about a probable false positive. Thats why reporting to Symantec will ensure that the site will be removed from black listing
  • All the browsers I have tried, use a foolish approach to address phishing. All of these browser use a database of phishing sites (such as, which is created by users reporting a website as "phishing site". And then warn user of any such site being a fraudlent site. I usually disable phishing setting to avoid annoyance, and use a free plugin from
  • Though Symantec/Norton is a security product so their website should be secure enough. But there are certain false positives, report it to symantec simple.