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14 years ago

sav on win2008 does not auto update through system Center

I have 4 win 2008 servers running symantcec client. they all connect to symantec system Center and get def update. 4 of them does not get auto definition update but i have to first logon to each client and fire up symantec client then do "update virus def now" from drop down men after right clicking it on each client .  if i do w/o logging in and firing up sav client it gives me this error message that it "sav was unable to start a definition download on the following clients (client name) . verify that the clients are working fine. Retry?". however all other win2003 clients are being auto updated fine. I have to always do these client manually.

Have any one have this issue and want to share his thoughts. will really appreciate ...Thanks,


  • Replace the root certificate from SAV server. and paste the grc.dat of the primary server to the C:\Programdata\Symantec ...7.5 directory of the 2008 server.

    Also make sure Windows Firewall and UAC is turned off on the win 2008 servers.

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