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15 years ago

Web-based quick scanning of malware/virus facility

SARC Team,

I would like to know if SARC website has some quick nifty utility that could quickly scan a particular piece of software like those provided by VirusTotal and Jotti. Many AV vendors provide online scanning.

Symantec should seriously consider having a web-based scanning system that runs from within the browser too.

Deepak Vasudevan

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  • Norton offers a web based Security Scan/Virus Detection found here -

    While it does not provide the abilty to scan a particular file, it does offer web-based scanning.

  • Thank you. But these would give you the entire computer scan right? Are there options to scan a particular file like in VirusTotal or Jotti?

  • Correct, this scans the entire system. Currently Symantec does not offer a tool that scans a particular file only.
    How about manually submitting the file(s) to ThreatExpert for analysis?

  • Thanks cycletech. Along with my existing bookmarks for VirusTotal and Jotti, now I can include this too.  Isn't ThreatExpert not part of Symantec. I don't see the logo or a mention in the About Page too.