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6 years ago

Veritas Enterprise Administrator - Disks Names are different

Hi All,

I'm using VEA to administrer a Veritas SFHA 6.2 system (LINUX, two node system), and in VEA when I look at the disks on node1, it shows the expected names e.g.: "sdx" "sdy" "sdy".

On node2, I see the enclosure names e.g.: emc_xxxx

I did run vxdmpadm getsubpaths, and they show exactly the same results set on both nodes.

Is there a way I can change those disks names so that it shows the "sd.." name instead of the enclosure ones?


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  • From the desciption that you mentioned, disk namingscheme would be different on both nodes.You can check naming scheme on both nodes by running following command:

    Eg: # vxddladm get namingscheme
    Enclosure Based Yes Yes Yes

    Default namingscheme is Enclosure based and is recommended as OS device names may change with device removal/addition, reboot etc. If you still wish to see device names in OS name format, you can change naming scheme by running following command:

    # vxddladm set namingscheme=osn