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13 years ago

5220 Appliance takes a long time to reboot then hungs

I have a 5220 Appliance as a media server. It takes a long time reboot and then hungs. Have to go the daacenter to reboot the appliance manually.

Any idea?

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  • Do you have a KVM on the appliance or when you get to the datacenter do you hook a crash cart up to it?  Is there any kind of message on the screen? 

    If the battery on the RAID card is failing or has an issue, OR if the RAM card has suffered a failure, the BIOS of that card forces you to acknowledge the error before it will continue to boot.  I've run into this on other platforms that use this RAID card, and even on the 5220s.

    I suggest either putting a KVM on the appliance you can access remotely, or configuring the IPMI port to achieve essentially the same thing.  That way, if you experience this again, you can remotely get to the device instead of having to go to the datacenter and can capture whatever the error is that's causing it to hang (assuming it isn't the RAID card).

  • Hi Cedric - do you have any LUNs from a Hitachi array presented to your N5220? I found out today that there is potentially, not yet fully confirmed, an issue in this situation.
  • You really need the IPMI pluged in, to see the system console (via a built-in Java applet) - and you'll easily see the point at which to press ESC to see a detailed log during boot.

    If you have LUNs presented - it could be that your N5220 has not hung - it could just be testing for LUNs.  It takes about 12 to 14 minutes to complete this stage of the boot - so do allow about 15 to 20 minutes for an N5220, which is running v2.5 and which has external SAN based LUNs, to boot.

    Our N5220 that have LUNs presented from HDS VSP (for VMware VADP off-host) take a very very long time to boot whilst they perform some sort of probe of the SAN targets for LUNs. These slow boot N5220 are running v2.5.

  • What do you mean when you say "it hangs"?

    Have you connected a monitor, then you know at what stage the appliance stop booting?