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9 years ago

Appliance MSDP Resize not showing in Netbackup Master



This is in reference to the now-closed

We are running a windows master server with NBU with a 5230 appliance running - the previous MSDP size was 64TB (the max prior to 7.6) - so we followed the procedure to resize it via the web console --- which we did from 64 to 70TB.

Restarted the appliance, the master, etc... yet the master continues to show the old size under Devices \ Disk Pools (64TB) - ran disk inventory, refresh, restarted appliance and master once again, still nothing. The appliance continues to show the new size under the web console as well as via the CLISH.

Have we missed something?

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  • This Appliance 5230 QRC (Quick Reference Card):

    ...also says:

    "Don’t use head unit storage for MSDP to avoid re-hydration performance issues."

  • Hello sdo

    True - I am not using the 4TB from the base (only the 70 from the 2 disk shelves below)

    The base only contains the Configuration and the Catalogs.

    The 2 shelves below are used for the MSDP only... I tried using all of them (but there's still about 900gb free) ... the issue is the Netbackup Master not showing the new size.

  • EDIT: Weird - my previous reply has not shown up on the discussion yet - i was stating that I am not using the base except for the config/catalogs (see below)


    Actually, here is a screenshot:


    06-10-15 3-35-30 PM.png

    And the Netbackup Master:

    06-10-15 3-37-19 PM.png

    I've tried a lot of things to get it to show the 70TB it should be at... no change.

  • The Symantec NetBackup Appliance Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning Guide:

    ...says on page 50:

    "There can be a discrepancy in the MSDP value displayed by the NetBackup Appliance software and the actual backup space available or used in the MSDP partition. This discrepancy is caused due to the additional utilization of the MSDP reserve of around 4.4% storage space."

  • Personally I wouldn't put the MSDP Catalog on the base unit disks either - my understanding is that the MSDP Catalog is the area that needs the fastest possible disk.

    Looking at my system I can see fair bit of discrepancy between what NetBackup sees as used/free and what the appliance shows as used/free.

    As for adjusting which areas of base hardware disk are used by which areas of software - I would probably use the CLIsh as I think you'll have finer control over the sizes when using commands rather than using the slider bars in a web based GUI.

  • Where do you see 900GB free?   I can't see that in your screens.

  • sdo: on the 2nd expansion shelf - 863gb free --- when i resized from 64 to 70tb, i left out of the base and some change because I knew it wouldn't use the base before the expansion


    the use persists - the master server sees the same size as before - 64tb