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3 years ago

Best practices - Zoning LPARs - Netbackup Appliances

Hi guys, I hope you can help me.

I have 3 5340 Netbackup Appliance ( version) and like 20 AIX clients (LPARs running in POWER 8). I´ve read this article but I have some doubts about it. 

I´m having some problems with "SAN disappearing" randomly. In Media and device management -> devices -> SAN Clients, in Num FT Media Server column sometimes I see 3, sometimes I see 2 so I must go to the Aix Client and restart services.

I have zoned every client like this:

client A -> slot6 port1,
 slot5 port1

This zoning is done with every appliance, so I have 6 zones for every AIX Client, is this fine?

Does anyone have any advice about this?



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