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3 years ago

Configuring MSDP Direct Cloud Tiering in a production environment


I have 2 NetBackup appliances 5340 and a Cloud Catalyst BYOD Media Server.

The backups are running fine but duplication performance to the cloud (Hitachi Content Platform) are awful so the backlog is huge and images are not expiring...

The Netbackup appliances have 240 TB but right now both are almost 70% because images are not expiring.

I´m thinking to implement MSDP Direct Cloud Tiering so Netbackup appliances can "help" cloud catalyst and move faster images.

Is this right what I have in mind?

Does anyone have suggestions about this?

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  • Hi AndresV 

    It sounds like a good idea - but there are some things to be aware. 

    • MSDP-C is not the same as CC (MSDP-C does have better performance though). 
    • There is currently no way to convert from CC to MSDP-C. You can duplicate and expire of course (or let the CC expire naturally).
    • You will require additional object stores for each MSDP-C LSU you create.
    • MSDP-C requires NetBackup 8.3 or above.


  • if CloudCatalyst is not moving fast enough I would check the logs to see if you have connections issues. If you CC is retrying pieces over and over you should modify the number of concurrent connections. MSDP-C could have the same issue. On the other hand, getting away from CC and into MSDP-C is the way forward.