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7 years ago

How to configure backups through SAN (VMware) to NBU 5240 Appliance

Hello experts,

I have a netbackup 5240 appliance running v3.1. This 5240 appliance acts as Master/Media/Backup Host for VMware.

I am very new to appliances and networking. I want to be able to perform VMware backups over the SAN to the appliance.

Here is what I did so far:

  1. I physically connected fiber cables from ports 1 and 2 of slots 5 and 6 on the appliance to 2 SAN switches for redundancy (each slot connects to both switches).
  2. Then, in the Appliance Web Console > Settings > Network > Fiber Transport, I selected "Enable SAN Client Fiber Transport on the Media Server (use FT for backups to this Appliance)" and chose "4 target port Fiber Channel connection". The appliance asked for a reboot so I did.
  3. I zoned the ESX hosts' ports with the appliance's ports on both SAN switches (each zone has 1 ESX port and 2 appliance ports (1 from each slot) ==> 1 initiator and 2 targets).
  4. I then configured a VMware backup policy containing 1 VM and selected only the SAN transport type to test its functionality. However this backup fails (Error - error opening the snapshot disks using given transport mode: san Status 23).

Do I also need to zone the VMware Datastores (LUNs) with the appliance fiber ports on the SAN switches? If yes, does this mean that each zone has 1 LUN and 2 appliance ports (1 from each slot)?

I also read somewhere that I need to run the following commands on the Media Server before zoning:

  • diskpart
  • automount disable
  • automount scrub

Are these commands necessary on my appliance which is Master/Media? If yes, how can I run them?

I know I'm missing some configuration, I just don't know what.

I kindly need your help. Thank you very much in advance!!

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    7 years ago

    Why do you want to use iSCSI?

    Do you have a model H Appliance? Please see attached pdf. Only model H comes with iSCSI.

    you really only need to zone one or more 8G FC HBAs configured as Initiator.

    Please also see this URL for I/O config:

    You can use the Initiator ports for tape-out operations and VMware Datastores 

    Herewith short overview of steps:

    1. Present the datastore LUNS to the NetBackup media server (Appliance):
      Zone datastores to initiator HBA port(s) on Appliance
      Use Array management utility to map datastores to Appliance
    2. Verify that datastores are visible on Appliance
      Manage > FibreChannel > Scan
      Manage > FibreChannel > Show

    PS: The reference to diskpart and automount only applies to Windows media servers.

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  • Also, on a side note, I checked the fiber ports' status from the Appliance CLI and here is the output:


    Bus ID  Slot  Port  Port WWN                Status        Physical State   Configuration Type  Speed    Remote Ports

    06:00.0 Slot5 1     21:00:00:24:FF:15:F9:70 Disconnected  Target           Target(FTMS)        0 gbit/s ------------

    06:00.1 Slot5 2     21:00:00:24:FF:15:F9:71 Disconnected  Target           Target(FTMS)        0 gbit/s ------------

    07:00.0 Slot6 1     21:00:00:24:FF:18:3B:D0 Disconnected  Target           Target(FTMS)        0 gbit/s ------------

    07:00.1 Slot6 2     21:00:00:24:FF:18:3B:D1 Disconnected  Target           Target(FTMS)        0 gbit/s ------------


    Is this behavior normal? Or do I need to manually enable them? What is the command to do so?

    Please forgive me for all these questions. I don't anywhere else to go for help.

    Have a nice night/day and thank you so much :D