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7 years ago

IPMIv2 as solution for monitoring HW

Hi all

We are look up for supported solution for monitoring HW status of appliance throught IPMIv2 protokol. I 'd like use nagios/zabix for query about status of HW health. I cannot use SNMPv2 - security rules of company - SNMPv3 is requested. Therefore I 'd like use IPMIv2 for monitoring. I suppose configure IPS for the purpose if Veritas will support this. 

In the moment - 5240/2.7.3 - latter upgrade to 3.x

Have you anybody experince ?

May be that other solution is possible ? :-) 

many thanks for answer




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  • Hi PetrHanz,

    I think you are out of luck with SNMPv3, as even the latest appliance version (3.1) still only supports SNMPv2.

    Looking at the IPMI Configuration tab on the appliance, there is the option to send alerts from there.  There are two options:  SNMP (which is obviously going to be V2 again), and also email - so that looks like your most likely option.....although not as nice as a management trap.

    As far as configuring IPS on the appliance - even if you could, I suspect that would void your support/warranty.  You would probably also find the appliance self protection & IDS/IPS would kick back in again....and any future appliance upgrade would likely over-write any changes.

    Hope this helps,