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7 years ago

Login to the appliance WEB UI fails


Login to the appliance WEB UI fails but the SSH working fine

Appliance Model is NetBackup Appliance 5230.

Appliance Version is 2.5.4.

IE 11

In the log file /opt/SYMCnbappws/webserver/logs/catalina.out we get:   Caused by: ....

Troubleshoting taken : stop and start the webserver and follow both workarounds :

Thank you

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  • I check again and in catalina.out logs apear a wrong FQDN ! A new keystore with the good FQDN has been created but the issue persist .Do you have any idea where it stored  the wrong FQDN ?Thank you

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      Tried also with diffrent browser(Firefox),clear cache in IE, the web server is acceesed trough HTTPS,default port is 443...What else can be check to solve this issue ?Thank you

  • 1. Check with default admin & P@ssw0rd

    2. Try different browser , Chrome and then Mozilla. ( Ensure to provide exceptions )

    3.  Check with https://ipaddress/

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      Hopefully Bogdanl managed to sort this out by now.

      It's been 6 months! :smileytongue: