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2 years ago

NetBackup Appliance Maintenance Release 3 is now available

NetBackup Appliance Maintenance Release 3 (MR3) and release notes are now available at the following link:

3.2 and later customers can upgrade directly to MR3.

All 5.0 customers are strongly recommended to install MR3 as soon as possible.

If upgrading from a pre-5.0 release, upgrade to MR3 and not 5.0. MR3 is updated 5.0 with identical supported upgrade paths.

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  • Hello sagrawal 

    Where I should reported that this upgrade is not preserving content of updated /etc/vx/tunefstab file?

    Yday I was upgrading from and had this file upgraded with the following flag ftrunc_up_zfod_alloc=33554432 next to the the shared FS. After upgrade this flag is gone! I had to re-add it and remount FSes.

    this is in regards of

    and this one

    Is this correct place to put such comments or you can redirect me to someone who will take care about this?


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      Hi quebek 

      We usually recommend customers open a support case if they encounter any upgrade issues/anomalies. Non-customers are welcome to post their feedback/comments and I will follow up.



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        I did open a case about the lost performance for the backup from snapshot step as well I did mention that content of this file was lost... Let's see how it will progress...