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8 years ago

Netbackup Appliance 5230(how to access CLI,SSH)

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This is really useful info,

But I am also in need of more details.

I want to login using putty to the rsc/alom/ilom of the applicance, which I have been able to do, but I get a => prompt.

This is normal in things like Sun servers whre I would then use "start /SP/console"

Can someone please tell me how to get the OS console login from the => prompt on an a5220 applicane?



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  • When you try to access the IPMI via SSH, you're getting a SMASH prompt, which currently is not supported (that I've seen), but it does reportedly work (I've not tested this myself).  There is a post here:

    that speaks to its usage.  Just because it works doesn't mean if you call support they'd be able to help you, and I'd guarantee on this they can't.  It's my understanding that we don't document this method because we don't currently support it.

    The supported method for accessing the IPMI console is via the web GUI available at the IPMI address.  This is different than the appliance management GUI, and unless there has been a truly catastrophic failure in the hardware should always be available, as it is an out of band solution.  There is a tab within that web interface for accessing the console.  What about this doesn't work or fit the workflow you're after?

  • Hi Paoquan !

    I searched for myself how to get console. Didnt fiund anything. I guess it is a Intel-based IPMI Board.

    So I always used the WEB GUI loged in as sysadmin.

    Why you like to bypass https GUI ?  What you get is a OS Login similar to ssh to appliance. I used the Console only for EFI boot and watch (not start) an upgrade.

    If you found a solution plz post it here.




  • Hi,


    maybe serial over LAN is working and you are able to use IPMI.

    With ipmitool:ipmitool -H <ip of appliance ilo> -U sysadmin -I lanplus sol activate

    with FREEipmi : ipmiconsole -h <ip of appliance ilo> -u sysadmin

    But be aware of some ESCapes ipmitoll is available or part of Solaris. The sequence to end the session is ~.

    Be careful with this







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      Thank you for the replies.

      We have been bonding nics and just wanted to ensure we had a "backdoor" onto the appliance in the event of breaking the frontend and mgt vlans, when I restarted the network service.

      As it happens I simply restarted with /etc/init.d/network restart and it was all ok.

      But if there had been a problem and I'd broken the networking, I'd still like to know if it is possible to get to a cli console of the OS without any frontend or mgt networking.


  • Hi Paoquan,

    Have you tried below

    login to appliance with user "admin"


    Main_Menu -> Support -> Maintenance (give admin password here) -> elevate

    now you will be on OS console.

    Hope this will help.


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      Vickie - Elevating to the root prompt is not a supported operation.