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7 years ago

Netbackup Appliance Version

I have install and Configured Netbackup Appliance . now i want to take console but it give me error. Appliance version is 2.5 while Netbackup version is Error screenshot is already attached

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  • The error is quite clear. You cannot use NBU 7.6 Java console for 7.5 (2.5) installation.

    You may be able to find to Windows Client binaries on the Appliance (including Java Console).
    See this extract from the manual:

    Please understand that this Appliance and NBU version is way past EOSL and any additional software and patches for this version is no longer available on Veritas web site. 

    You need to upgrade to a currently supported NBU/Appliance version.

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      Also NBU Admin Guide Vol 1 has a section on "Administering remote servers and servers of different versions". You _MAY_ be able to use say the 7.7 Java Admin Console with NBU 7.5. However as Marianne says, 7.5 is a very old and unsupported NBU version.

      Finally if this is a N5220 Appliance then it has a h/w End of Support date of August 2018 - see and 


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        andrew_mcc1 is correct. 

        I have just check my own NBU 8 installation on my laptop. 
        It includes Java Console for all NBU version from 7.0 up to 8.0.

        See attached screenshot.