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8 years ago

Netbackup BMR Restore error "Failed to retrieve server configuration"

I am attempting to restore an image to a VM (Hyper-V) server 2012 and get the error "Failed to retrieve server configuration" when attempting to retrieve configurations.

I think there is a driver issue since the Boot server for Server 2012 is a physical machine and I'm trying to restore to a VM.

Troubleshooting steps so far:

- Created a new client configuration and entered the MAC address of the new VM and this still failed.

- Tried Generic BMR restore rather than Automatic


If this is a driver issue where can I get the Hyper-V or VM drivers to download?


Any assistance is appreciated

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  • That would probably point to a failed network driver i.e the client failed to contact the master server to retrieve the configuration. You'll need to add the drivers used by hyperv into the configuration you create when running a prepare to restore.

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      Thanks. I figured as much. Question is do I download the driver for the hyper v host and add it to the SRT? would it be available in the integration services?
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        Yes, I'm not certain what the latest method is, in version pre 7.7 a WIM file was used so there was quite a convoluded method of mounting and modifying this WIM file using some MS tools.

        Since 7.7 the WIM file is not used, we use the regular installation media (same process as other OSs)

        I suggest downloading the BMR guide for the version you're on.