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8 years ago

Netbackup For Vmware - Tapeout - SAN Client

HI , I've an implementaion using a 5230 appliance , appliance have 3 dual HBAs installed in slots 4/5/6 .

As there's no 10G Ethernet in customer environment , i need to utilize Netbackup For Vmware ,  Tapeout and  SAN Client .

What i'm thinking of is to do the following .. 

- enable "2 Target Fibre Channel connection" option , in order to set port 1 on both slots 5,6 in target mode , use it for SAN Client .

- use port 2 in slot 5 for Tape out 

- use port 2 in slot 6 for "netbackup for vmware"

- use port1 in slot4 for Tapeout .

- use port 2 in slot4 for "netbackup for vmware"

- Master server have 2 zones configured for 2 paths to tape library , i will add slot5-port2 to one zone and slot4-port1 to the second zone .

-  Each Client  configured as SAN client is already configured with 2 paths to 2 zones to the  dual-controller SAN , i will add WWN for port11-slot5 in one zone and port1-slot6 in the second zone .

- For vmware intiator ports , will add  port2-slot4 with one zone to the Datastore and port2-slot6 to the second zone .

- No additional configuration is needed for Tapeout , Netbackup for Vmware .

- For San Client will Enable SAn Client usage via   /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -sanclient 1 and restart services .

Appreciate your thoughts and comments ...


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    8 years ago

    That is correct.  Any port that is an initiator can be used for VADP SAN Transport, as long as you have it zoned properly.  That's always a pre-requisite to it actually working :smileyhappy:

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  • Functionally I'm not seeing a problem with this.  At first glance you've got the config right.

    Are you also saying this 5230 is a Master server?  How many jobs are you running against it and what type of window do you have?  Performance is the main concern I'd have with this setup and whether you can pump all the necessary data through the system in the time you have allotted to you.

    I'd put SLP window restrictions in place to limit the tape out operations so that they won't be run during backups for sure.  I'd also try to schedule my SAN client jobs at different times than the VMware jobs, just out of caution.  It really depends on how much you're trying to push through.

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      5230 appliance will only act as media server .. there's another master server in the environment , but basically appliance will do almost all of work as it's a backuphost for vmware and media server for SAN clients , and accoringly i need to use tapeout from appliance ,

      i will use SLp and try to disribute traffic as possible .

      so basically my question is that while having 3 dual HBA's ... and having requirments illustrated above .

      Is this the best allocation for ports for best performance , 

      - SAN client uses 2 HBA's in slot 5,6 ... i need remainig 2 ports in those HBAs that's why i will assign port1 only on HBAs in slot 5,6 .

      - Tapeout function is confusing for me , in appliance fibre channel guide 2.7.3 pg 68 it's mentioning hba should be in slot 3 however in rest of article slot4,5,6 can work for tape out .

      - i'm disributing tapeout and netbckup for vmware on remaing ports on the 3 HBA cards as ilustrated above .. 

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        Level 4

        As per attached doc. , only slots 5,6 can be used for vmware unlike what's mentioned in the 2.7.3 fibre channel guide . also i need to confirm if slots 5,6 can be used for tapeout , because as per 2.7.3 fibre guide pg 68 , slot 3 only is assigned for this task . 

        I need to confirm if port assigmnet i made is correct .. and if there's other configuration steps needed other than the steps i mentioned ... "i.e. : zoning and enabling san Clinets"