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2 months ago

OST plugin deployment on Flex Scale

What are the requirements for a vendor's OST plugin to be deployable on a Flex Scale appliance?

Where is this documented/described?  Thx

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  • Deploying an OST plugin on Flex Scale involves integrating the plugin into the Flex Scale environment to extend its functionality. This process typically includes uploading the plugin files, configuring settings, and ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure. Proper deployment enhances Flex Scale's capabilities, enabling customized solutions and improved performance. Follow detailed deployment guidelines and test thoroughly to ensure seamless integration and operation.

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  • NOTE: As of now, installing OST Plugin is a Support Exception, please request from Account team to put in a support exception and have it approved before deployment of this Plugin.

    Once you have Support Exception Approved, support can provide assistance with this. Depending on the OST plugin required to be integrated will depend if this has been included in support. I can see currently OST Plugin support for Dell DataDomain and HPE StoreOnce devices.

    Make sure to check the NetBackup Software Compatibility List (SCL) for compatibility of the OST.

    Hope this helps