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7 years ago

"Storage Configuration Failed: Not enough space for LVM requests"

Attempting to upgrade 5230 from 3.0 to 3.1, unfortunately I get the error listed in the subject.  I have checked the Linux system but am not aware what partition needs to grow.  It pauses the installation with:


Storage configuration failed: not enough space for LVM requests




1) [x] Language Settings                                      2) [x] Timezone Settings

         (English (United States))                                      (America/New_York Timezone)

3) [x] Instalation source                                       4) [x] Software Selection

        (nba-3.1-20170925173615.iso)                            (Custom Software selected)

5) [!] Instalation Destination                                 6) [x] Kdump

        (No disk selected)                                                 (Kdump is enabled)

7) [ ] Network Configuration

        (Not Connected)

Not enough space in file systems for the current software selection.  An additional 2861.02 MiB is needed.  Please make your choice fromabove ['q' to quit | 'b' to begin installation | 'r' to refresh]:


We cannot find any information on this and searching the VOX and the web has turned up nothing on how to resolve or move forward.  Any and all help would be greatly appreciacted.


**** The server is on a closed network, so no we can not provide files or screen shots. ****

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  • Added information that I realized last night that I forgot to add.  As you see the message reports that it needs more space and how much, however it does not tell me which partition needs the space.  When I go to maintenance and elevate a df -h and in root a du -sh does not have any indication as to what might be the problem.  The appliance was a factory load with the only modification to the system was an upgrade to 3.0 earlier this year.