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8 years ago

upgrade appliance 2.7.3 > 3.0 [Error] Verification failed for update /inst/patch/incoming/SYMC_NBAP

Hi everybody 

can help me guys I have problen when I will validating file always got error 

anyone ever issue like this before 

dc0l1112av01.Software> List AvailablePatch
SYMC_NBAPP_update-3.0-1.x86_64.rpm 4.7G
dc0l1112av01.Software> Share Close
Software update shares closed successfully.
dc0l1112av01.Software> do
Download DownloadProgress
dc0l1112av01.Software> Download
Download DownloadProgress
dc0l1112av01.Software> List D
Details Downloaded
dc0l1112av01.Software> List Downloaded
Validating update 'update.rpm.sha1_checksum' ... failed
- [Error] Update update.rpm.sha1_checksum has an invalid name.
Validating update 'update.rpm.md5_checksum' ... failed
- [Error] Update update.rpm.md5_checksum has an invalid name.
Validating update 'SYMC_NBAPP_update-3.0-1.x86_64.rpm' ... - [Error] Verification failed for update /inst/patch/incoming/SYMC_NBAPP_update-3.0-1.x86_64.rpm.
- [Info] There are no available software updates downloaded.




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    • You need to verify the checksum of SYMC_NBAPP_update-3.0-1.x86_64.rpm with ones provided in update.rpm.sha1_checksum and update.rpm.md5_checksum as it looks like your update file has been corrupted in transit
    • Once you confirm that the RPM is corrupted, download it again and verify checksums before uploading to the appliance

    you don't need to upload update.rpm.sha1_checksum and update.rpm.md5_checksum to the appliance

  • The downloaded RPM is corrupted. Manually download it and verify the checksum which is given on the download link by using any checksum verification tool like winmd5  and then transfer the file  to  appliance. That should fix the issue. 

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      Hi t_jadliwala,

      I successful to download file SYMC_NBAPP_update-3.0-1.x86_64.rpm

      but when will run install SYMC_NBAPP_update-3.0-1.x86_64.rpm I got error 

      dc0l1112av01.Software> List Version
      Appliance Version: 2.7.3
      NetBackup Version: 7.7.3
      Build Date: 7220520160519234102
      dc0l1112av01.Software> List Downloaded
      Software updates downloaded:
      Patch_Name Size Release_Date NBU_Version
      4.7G Sun Nov 20 2016 8.0
      dc0l1112av01.Software> Install SYMC_NBAPP_update-3.0-1.x86_64.rpm
      You are about to begin the upgrade to NetBackup appliance software version 3.0.
      Before you continue, be aware of the following changes and behavior that occur during and after the upgrade:
      -During the upgrade, NetBackup services and the Appliance Web Console are unavailable.
      -After the upgrade, any existing user checkpoints and pre/post upgrade checkpoints are lost.
      -The appliance restarts automatically as part of the upgrade process.
      >> Do you want to continue? [yes, no] (no) yes
      - [Info] Appliance restart days check passed.
      - [Info] System clock check passed.
      - [Info] Appliance software version check passed.
      - [Info] Appliance hardware model check passed.
      - [Error] Failed to get NetBackup version from
      - [Error] Failed to get NetBackup version on Master
      - [Info] The software upgrade has been aborted!