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10 years ago

PDCR services often become unused


Please advice what other solution i have resolve pdcr crashing / become unused

below extarct of spoold.log spoold.log

: ERROR: unexpected chunk number 196 (expected 27) for toast value 336282189 July 22 22:17:47 ERR [1075325248]: 25004: database query failed

/Storage/data # /opt/pdcr/bin/crcontrol --queueinfo
total queue size : 335802609
creation date of oldest tlog : Mon Jul 21 12:17:36 2014

Beside increase exiting physical memory, what other option i have to make my pdcr service stabil.

Is it anything error on the data which try to write into content router?




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  • PureDisk is fragile and complicated. More information about your environment would be required to troubleshoot your problem. Do not attempt to perform recovery operations on your database without Symantec support.

    Please open a support ticket. 

  • If CR Queue Processing completes successfully, there is still some hope. Otherwise, like INT_RND said: please open a support ticket.

    The good news is that 6.6.5 is finally stable for PDROE backups too.