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16 years ago

System State Failing to Backup

I have an agent which is constantly failing to backup the system state.


Can anyone offer some advice of the following error...


Command '""C:\PROGRA~1\Symantec\NetBackup PureDisk Agent\\bin\pdrai" --dsid 5 --generate_po --backup --store --snap --dstype 8 --compress --encrypt_on_server --segment_size 262144"' unexpectedly terminated with exit status 1


Will this need a client re-install?

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  • Additional log info included...


    . Executing pdrai with command:
    . "C:\\PROGRA~1\\Symantec\\NetBackup PureDisk Agent\\\\bin\\pdrai" --dsid 5 --generate_po --backup --store --snap --dstype 8 --compress --encrypt_on_server --segment_size 262144
    takeSnapshot(): unable to prepare volume set for snap
    Error: 4: resource child process: unable to create snapshot: unknown error
    Error: 4: name process: unable to process resource object: unknown error
    Error: 4: pdrai main: unable to perform operation: unknown error
    *** Error Message ***

  • Have you been able to resolve this issue? I am having the exact same problem.

  • My experience is that most of these are problems with VSS.  first make sure you have enough free space to do a snapshot (you need at least 300MB free on the volume).


    Next, check the event log for VSS errors- if you see any, go poking around the MS knowledgebase.  They put out a lot of patches for VSS that don't make it into the regular service packs.  Make sure you're up-to-date on VSS.


    If that all checks out then yeah, try re-installing the client.

  • There is a chance of PureDisk issues, rather than VSS ones, because it's not vss command that is failing - it's pdrai (whatever it's purpose might be)


    Try running pdagent in debug mode.


    Change the pdagent.cfg file with higher debug level and enable debugging to file, then run "pdagent --debug" from command line, do not forget to turn the debugging off after troubleshooting.