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14 years ago

NBU Real time questions

please help about some question's of NBU Real time:

the product realtime server must be  licensed or the licensing of NBU master server  is sufficient?

to replicate a catalog of 30 GB is  necessary install the realtime server or client real time only?

is required to have a physical server to install real time server or I can do it on a virtual machine?

Thanks yor your help

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  • You'll need RealTime installed on a physical server.  Very tight HCL too...

    Then there are clients that are installed too..

    It's included (With NBU7) for ONLY catalog replication, and you can buy additional licenses for other tasks if you like/need that type of functionality.  Personally, learn about AIR.  Easier, cheaper, and the proper roadmap to follow.  RealTime is dead IMO

  • RealTime is not dead.  We have many customers running RealTime, some very large.  RealTime has a nice roadmap full of platform proliferation and additional features.

  • Jed, dont confuse large customers with customers that are LE accounts where you practically give it away...  The HCL alone is what makes most customers run (most likely due to what makes up RT, aka storage foundation).  That and having so little time in the enterprise when compared to the other incumbants (falconstor, EMC, etc).  I'm sure it will eventually be a good product, but not for a while till the market recognizes Symantec as a player in the CDP space.