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NetBackup RealTime w/ Veritas Clustered File System on Solaris 10 SPARC?

Anyone know if this is certified or works by chance?  We have a large 50+ TB Clustered FIle System that we're having a huge problem protecting with traditional methods and are wondering if RealTime is viable?

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  • I THINK... if you can run Storage Foundation on it, you should be able to use RealTime with it.  I think.

    (DISCLAIMER: I know very little about Storage Foundation - or RealTime, for that matter)

    Check out pages 8-9 of the RT 7.0 Release Notes and see if you read it the same way I do:

    Symantec NetBackup RealTime Release Notes - 7.0

    Here's the SF 5.0 MP3 HCL for Solaris (and others):

    Hardware Compatibility List for Veritas Storage Foundation (tm) and High Availability Solutions 5.0 Maintenance Pack 1, 5.0 Maintenance Pack 2 (including SFCFS for Oracle RAC for RHEL, SLES and OEL), 5.0 Maintenance Pack 3, 5.0 Maintenance Pack 4, and 5.0.1

    Finally, here's the Snapshot Client CL for NetBackup 7.0 (you need to be able to use SNC to run RT):

    NetBackup (tm) 7 Snapshot Client Compatibility (Updated April 26 2010)

    See pages 423-425 or 1489-1492.

    Good luck!

  • In a clustered file system, the writes to the same LUN can come from multiple hosts. RealTime depends on splitter driver at the host level to send data to backend storage. 

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