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15 years ago

Netbackup RTP Questions

Hello all. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the RTP. I understand the concept but I need to know a little bit more. I have at least two questions that roll of my head. I'm curently using NB 7.0 with fiber based backups for some of my large hosts. The NB RTP may fit into that nicely. The questions I have is...

1) Does the RTP host require access to the luns being backed up in real time? Or is this truly based around IP and only requires the fiber link for the transfer of data. In regards to this see question 2.

2) Is there still a requirement that the hosts being backed up are in their own vsan? When I first started this adventure with fiber based backups I had to seperate out the SAN (disk) from the fiber backups. So I created a seperate VSAN just for that specific purpose. Has this been done away with? In other words, can I put everything into one large VSAN now and not have to seperate things?

If anyone can answer these questions that would be really helpful!



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  • Hi GlenC hope the below will help you 


  • Hey Glen,

    The RealTime server host does require access to the LUNs being protected. Essentially the RealTime server needs to see everything being protected - both the client HBAs and the storage array LUNs that those clients are writing data to.

    You don't have to use vSANs, most people will just configure a few new zones where each zone has a unique target and initiator.  The RealTime server has both initiator and target ports on its HBAs so you would essentially have these zones:

    1. Zone from client host being protected (initiator) to RealTime server (target)

    2. Zone from storage array LUN(s) (target) to RealTime server (initiator)

    3. Existing zone already setup from client host (initiator) to the storage array LUN (target)

    4. Recovery zone from RealTime server (target) to client host (initiator) for presenting recovery LUNs