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7 years ago

26 (client/server handshaking failed).

unable to backup exchange DAG 2013 26 (client/server handshaking failed). since yestarday . 07-May-2018 18:09:53 - Info nbjm (pid=64525) starting backup job (jobid=619) for client DAG-SIM, policy EX...
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    7 years ago

    Sure you have increased timeout on the media server?

    See bpbrm log:

    03:34:00.789 [53251.53251] <2> bpbrm check_for_signals: bpbrm timeout after 300 seconds

    The log keeps on referring to 'Connection' that has timed out. (EXIT STATUS 41: network connection timed out)
    I am now wondering if bpbrm log is incorrectly referring to Connect instead of Read timeout.
    Please try to increase Client Read Timeout as well.