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2 years ago

5982 - certificate revocation list is unavailable

HI all, 

   Got an annoying issue. When I tried to login the Administration Console, I got status 7656 " The revocation status of the host certificate cannot be verified using the Certificate Revocation List (CRL), because the CRL is not updated. It is older tan seven days. 

     Per the help page - i'm supposed to run "nbcertcmd -getCRl -server masterserver" to fix this issue. 

     When I ran the above command, i got "Failed to fetch certificate revocation list.... 5982: the certificate revocation list is unavailable. 

    can anyone tell me why would the certificate revocation list be unavailable? And what can I do to recreate that maybe? 

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    CRL is downloaded automatically refreshed. If other client backups are working fine, most likely, the issue is on that particular client.

    Is there enough free space on the C:\ or partition on which NetBackup client is installed? I have had CRL refresh issues on servers when C:\ was full.

    Is the client able to communicate with the primary server? Try running bpclntcmd -pn command. The output should show which primary server it is talking to and also if the forward and reverse IP look ups are correct.


  • Hi

    One more point to check is to verify if web services are up and running... Easiest thing would be to stop/start NBU, ie.


    netbackup stop (for unix/linux)

    bpdown -f -v (for windows)


    if nothing is returned start it up

    netbackup start

    bpup -f -v

    check again ...